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Weclone Argentina Customer visit Sunco Machinery for layer manure drying system

Time:2016年02月29日      Hits:

Warm Weclone Argentina Customer visit Sunco Machinery for layer manure drying system from February 28th- March 1th!

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The background information of Argentina chicken manure dryer customers' demand are as follows:

1. Raw Material: Layer manure from cages: it’s not constant due we have layers and pullets from different ages but you should consider as an average of 70% of moisture content

2. Output moisture content: I have not experience but I think around 20%

3. Input Capacity: We produce more than 180 tons of manure/day (7 days at week). We need to dry it in 5 days, not more than 7 hours / day

4. Fuel: We’ll need to analyze different sources between waste wood, biomass fuel and natural gas.

As the input capacity of Argentina customers' chicken manure drying line is large, and Sunco Machinery suggest firstly to ferment the wet chicken manrue mixed with sawdust, rice husk, plant ash, etc, then use the chicken manure dryers to dry the fermented chicken manure. 

During the chicken manure fermentation process, much of the water is lost, in other words later the chicken manure dryer will need much less heat to dry the fermented chicken manure. As a result, to do it in this way can save much fuel cost.

What is more, the chicken manure fermentation process help to get rid of the strong odor of chicken manure, and kill the harmful bacteria also.

Also, after being dried by the chicken manure drying machine,  finally we can get more high quality dried chicken manure as final product.

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