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Nepal Customer Visit Sunco Machinery for Chicken Manure Dryer System

Time:2016年07月10日      Hits:

Good News! Nepal Customer Visit Sunco Machinery for Chicken Manure Dryer System.

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The Background Information of Nepal Chicken Manure Drying System Customer are as follows:

  • Raw Material: Chicken Manure

  • Initial Moisture Content: about 60%

  • Output Moisture Content: about 15%

  • Input Capacity: 30 tons per day, (Here Sunco suggest to work 10 hour per day)

  • Fuel: Diesel

  • End Use: Organic Fertilizer

  • We are now almost finalizing our project feasibility and land development. We are only discussing about drying system till. We are planning to make pellet compost fertilizer by raw chicken maure. For this purpose, we need raw manure processing, drying, processing, mixing, pelletizing and packing.

Nepal Customer Visit Sunco Machinery for Chicken Manure Dryer System

Nepal Chicken Manure Drying Machine Customer stayed 3 days together with us, and Sunco Machinery took them to visit some of local customer's working field.  After the visit, they have more idea about our Poultry Manure dryer system.

In the last day we spend one day at office to take face to face for more detail about their chicken manure drying project according to their actual work site, and fianlly we solve all the problems together.

Sunco Machinery can design and supply the chicken manure drying system according to the customer's actual situation. If you are in need of Chicken Manure Drying System, please do not hesitate to contact us at:

Email: suncomachinery@hotmail.com


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