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Ecuador Customer come to Sunco Machinery negotiate the Silica Sand Dryer

Time:2015年01月27日      Hits:

Ecuador Customer Mr.Sergio come to Sunco Machinery negotiate the Silica Sand Dryer on January 20th-24th.

Ecuador Customer come to Sunco Machinery negotiate the Silica Sand Dryer

The Ecuador customer already has had two set silica sand dryer which is bought from Ecuador. The first sand dryer's lifetime is only 9 month, and right now the old sand dryer has already worn out.

The second sand dryer is single drum sand dryer with diameter 1.2m, length 8m which's capacity is only about 2-3 t/h. But the Ecuador customer need 10 t/h capacity at least.

During the visit, Sunco Machinery arrange the customer to visit several rotary dryer working field of our local customers. Regarding the problems they met in the past, and we discuss the new key point to design and produce the new silica sand dryer.

1- At the inlet cover and outlet conver of the silica sand dryer, we add two steel case with gate to collect the sand which escape from the sand dryer.

2- Add the drum thickness to be 14mm from 8mm, and the inner guideplate thickness to be 8mm from 4mm.

3- Add  cover for the carrier roller and ring to prevent the sand come between the roller and ring.

4- Adopt double carrier roller with shock absorption function when the silica sand dryer is rotating.

Small Sand Dryer by Sunco Machinery

Sunco Machinery together with Ecuador to visit one old sand dryer of our local customer as the picture above, and this old sand dryer has worked 6 years, the customer is planning to buy one new sand dryer from us by the end of this year.

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