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Welcome Australia Customer Visit Sunco Machinery for Sawdust Dryer Machine

Time:2016年02月25日      Hits:

Australia Customer visit Sunco Machinery for Sawdust Dryer Machine From February 25th - 27th.

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The background information of Australia Sawdust Dryer Machine customer is as follows:

1. Raw Material: Sawdust, less than 5mm size;

2. Initial Moisture Content of wet sawdust: about 20-40%

3. Output Moisture content of dried sawdust needed : 13-15%

4. Heat Source: To use waste oil as fuel.

5. Output Capacity: 3 tons per hour.

6. End use of the dried sawdust: To be used to produce the biomass pellet, and the biomass pellet is for home fireplace use.

If you are in need of sawdust drying machine, please feel free to contact us at email: suncomachinery@hotmail.com 

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