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Sunco Machinery got one order of 3 t/h Sawdust Dryer Machine from Australia Customers

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Good News! Sunco Machinery got one order of output capacity 3 t/h Sawdust Dryer Machine from Australia Customers on March 7th!

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The background information of Australia Customers' demand are as follows:

1. Raw Material: Sawdust;

2. Initial moisture conent: 20-40%

3. Output Moisture Content: 13-15%

4. Output Capacity of rotary sawdust dryer: 3 t/h

The main machines of this output capacity 3 t/h sawdust drying line are as follows:

1. Waste Oil Burner (Australia customers purchase it from the local market);

2. Hot Air Furnace: Supply the burning chamber of waste oil, and supply the hot air for the sawdust drying system.

3. Input Belt Conveyor: Send the wet sawdust into the rotary sawdust dryer .

4. Triple Pass Rotary Sawdust Dryer: To dry the sawdust sufficiently.

5. Cyclone dust separator: To seperate the dust from the exhaust air.

6. High Pressure draft fan: To make the hot air into the sawdust dryer system, and make the exhaust air out of the sawdust drying machine in time.

7. Wind Closing Device: To be installed on the bottom of the cyclone dust separator, and avoid the ambient air into the sawdust dryer.

8. Output belt conveyor: To take the dried sawdust out of the sawdust dryer machine.

9. Electric control board: To be used to control the whole sawdust drying line.

If you plan to have one set of sawdust drying machines, please feel free to contact us at:  suncomachinery@hotmail.com 

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