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Alfalfa Drying Machine for Alfalfa dehydration‏

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Alfalfa dryer machine can be used for Alfalfa dehydration‏. Alfalfa Drying Machine are  one of Sunco machinery key product.

Alfalfa Drying Machine, Alfalfa dehydration‏, alfalfa dryer

1- As the fresh alfalfa moisture content is up to 80%, and it is not easy to evaporate these water out of the fresh alfalfa.

2- Between the Hot air furnace and multi pass rotary dryer, there is one high temperature resistant draft fan. The high temperature resistant draft fan is made of stainless steel, and it has two function: 

A. Make the high temperature air goes into the air duct very quickly between the hot air furnace and multi pass rotary dryer;

B. Makes the alfalfa in "boiling type" in the air duct, and then contact the high temperature air strongly and sufficiently. In this process, much of the humidity of the fresh alfalfa is evaporated into water vapor.

3- In this multi-pass alfalfa rotary drum dryer, the fresh alfalfa can goes through the dryer's drum three times, and go to the high temperature air zone two times, thus it highly increase the heat exchange efficiency and drying effect.

4- The advantages of our Alfalfa Drying System is as follows:

A. To make the fresh alfalfa loosened as much as possible so that it can contact with the hot air as much as possible;

B. The alfalfa is dried three times in the dryer drum, and goes into the high temperature zone two times;

C. The rotary drum dryer structure is designed according to the feature of alfalfa, and the weight balance of the dryer drum is even.

D. High Drying Speed.

E. After drying, the color of the dried alfalfa can be still in green color, and the taste of the dried alfalfa is similar as the fresh alfalfa, what is more, most of the nutrition of the alfalfa is saved, and the crude protein can be up to 22% according the test of the expert. The dried alfalfa by sunshine will lost most of the nutrition. 

Alfalfa Drying Machine, Alfalfa dehydration‏, alfalfa dryer

In one word, the dried alfalfa from our alfalfa drying system is high quality hay for the animal.  

Alfalfa Drying Machine, Alfalfa dehydration‏, alfalfa dryer

Alfalfa Drying machine is our key products for many years, we have patent certificate by ourselves. Welcome you come to visit us to check our machine and negotiate the cooperation face to face. Recently two of our customers' alfalfa drying system are being installed, and it will be finished soon.  When you visit us, we can together go to visit our customers' alfalfa drying system in working. 

Alfalfa Drying Machine, Alfalfa dehydration‏, alfalfa dryer

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