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What is the disadvantages to dry the Alfalfa in the sun ?

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What is the disadvantages to dry the Alfalfa in the sun ?

To dry the alfalfa in the sundried Alfalfa

  1. The final moisture content of the dried alfalfa is not stable as mainly the people can not control the weather. After being dried in the sun, the moisture content sometime is high, sometime is low, and the final quality of dried alfalfa is not stable.
  2. To dry the alfalfa in the sun, it need large drying space, and the cost of space and labor is rather high.
  3. To dry the alfalfa in the sun, the content of crude protein is very much low which is only about 12%, sometime it is even less than 10%. The reason is: The alfalfa mainly consist of Stem and Leaf, and the content of crude protein in the leaf is much more high than in the stem. But to dry it in the sun, the leaves are very easy to dry and become brittle, and during the turning many of the leaves are lost. On the contrary, the stem which includes little crude protein is lost very little. As a result, the whole content of crude protein is reduced much.
  4. The low content of crude protein cause the low price of alfalfa. In the China market, one percent of crude protein difference, the price difference of one ton dried alfalfa is about USD14.00. The price of high quality dired alfalfa is about USD330.00 - USD500.00 per ton, but the low quality dried alfalfa price is only about USD165.00 per ton.

According to the past years' experience, Sunco Machinery developed the Alfalfa Dryer Machine. Sunco Machinery can design and produce the Alfafla Dryer System according to the customers' actual situation.

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Alfalfa Drying Machine by Sunco Machinery successfully solves the nutrition damage problem by sunshine drying. After being dried by the alfalfa dryer, most of the nutrition are saved. According to the test, the crude protein content of the dried alfalfa can be up to 20%-22%.  

What is more, the dried alfalfa can be still in green color.

Sunco Machinery Alfalfa Dryer System has the advantages as follows:

1. High Temperature and Quick Drying;

2. Continuously Drying Process which is suitable for bulk production;

3. Reasonable Dryer Inner Structure Design according to the features of alfalfa;

4. High Heat Exchanging Efficiency;

5. Much Less Drying Space needed;

6. Much Less Labor needed;

7. High and Stable Quality Dried Alfalfa in green color with crude protein up to 20-22% which surely can be sold in much higher price in the market. 

If you are in need of alfalfa drying machine,  please do not hesitate to contact us at email: suncomachinery@hotmail.com .

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