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Some Questions on the Corn Silage Dryer for drying alfalfa, corn siliage, etc.

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In the following contents, one Parkistan customers asked some questions on the corn silage drying machine, and our reply are as follows:

1- Can this corn silage dryer machine run 24 hours/ 7 days a week ? If so then what will be the average daily productive Hours after any breakdown/trouble shot ?

Sunco:  This corn silage drying machine can run 24 hours per day continuously. We suggest that after continuously working 3-6 days, then stop the machines for maintenance for 1-2 days.

2- Is there any change in nutrition value of corn silage after drying in this corn silage dryer machine ? Like starch contents etc.
Sunco:  The corn silage dryer machine mainly is used to evaporate and reduce the humidity of Corn Silage, and the nutrition value of corn silage will not be changed such as starch content etc.
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3- For costing purpose: how much diesel/furnace oil/ Gas, this machine consume in 1 Hour.
Sunco: It is according to the water evaporation quantity. Usually to get rid of 1000kg water from the alfalfa, corn silage, it needs to consume about 0.6-0.7 million Kcal heat.

4-  How much electricity it consume in 1 Hour .
Sunco: It is according to the total motor power of the corn silage drying system. For example, if the total power of the drying system is 100kw, then the electricity consumption is about 80 kw.h per hour.

5- what’s an average life of this machine.
Sunco: The life of the mainframe of the alfalfa dryer machine is more than 10 years, excluding the wearing parts.

6-Can we use this machine for drying of any other product ? Please specify.
Sunco: The corn slilage dryer machine is mainly designed for the drying of corn silage, and it also can be used to dry alfalfa, rice straw, grass, sawdust, animal feed, etc.  But as the features of the different material is not same, then the actual capacity of the machine would be some different.

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