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Bentonite Dryer Machine

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Bentonite is a kind of nonmetallic minerals. Its essence is a kind of clay rock which is generally white and pale yellow, which can be used as a type of detergent. Bentonite can be used in many industrial production, which is also called universal soil.

Usually we can use the Bentonite Mill to grind the bentonite into fine powder such as 200 mesh. But for the Bentonite Mill, the suitable moisture content of the bentonite is about 6%, and the max moisture  content of the bentonite should be not more than 12%.

When the bentonite is digged from underground, it is still wet with moisture content about 25% which is not suitable to be grinded by Bentonite Mill.

As a result, we have to find solutions to reduce the moisture content of the wet bentonite in advance.

If the customer has enough large work site, they may can use the sunshine to dry the wet bentonite, but it is influence by the weather such as rainy, etc.

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For the bulk production, the best choice is to use special Bentonite Dryer Machine to dry the wet bentonite to the needed moisture content.

Bentonite Dryer by Sunco Machinery is the ideal bentonite drying machine which is developed for traditional rotary drum dryer. 

Bentonite Dryer Machine, Bentonite Dryer, Bentonite drying machine

Bentonite Dryer System Work Flow:

◆ Firstly, input belt conveyor sends the wet bentonite into bentonite dryer.

◆ On the inner wall of the cilinder/drum, there are many lifting plates which is welded according to one special methods.  When the Bentonite Dryer's drum is rotating, these lifting plates makes the bentonite up and down to mix with the hot air completely. Durng this process, the moisture is evaporated.

◆ On the another side of the Bentonite dryer, there is one high pressure draught fan which sucks out the exhaust air mixed with vapor, and then the exhaust air mixed with vapor goes into the cyclone dust separator.

◆ In the cyclone dust separator, the dust inside the exhaust air falls down and goes out through the discharging hole of the cyclone dust separator. The exhaust air goes into atmosphere directly through the chimney which is connected to the cyclone dust separator.

◆ Output Belt Conveyor takes the dried bentonite out of the rotary dryer.

◆ Electric Control Panel is used to control all the machines inside the whole bentonite drying line.

Bentonite Dryer Machine, Bentonite Dryer, Bentonite drying machine

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