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Bentonite Powder Drying Machine

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After dig out the raw bentonite from mining, it is still rather wet, and some time its humidity can be more than 30%. Such wet bentonite is not suitable to be grinded into powder by the bentonite mill machine.

If the weather is hot and dry, and also the customers have enough large work site, then the customers may can use the sunshine to dry the wet raw bentonite. But it will also occur dust polution if there is big wind, etc.  But the land, labour also needs cost.

For bulk production, to use the sunshine to heat and dry the wet raw bentonite also is not very suitable and economical.

Bentonite Powder Drying Machine designed Sunco Machinery can ideally solve this problem. Our dryer machine is to use high temperature air generated by the furnace unit to heat and dry the wet bentonite powder quickly and continuously. Inside the bentonite powder drying machine, there is special designed inner structre which help the high temperature air to heat and dry the wet material sufficiently, and also the drying time can be adjusted according to the actual need. Finally to reduce the moisture content of the bentonite powder to be less or about 12%.

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Here please also note that it is economical to reduce the moisture content of bentonite too much, for example to be less than 6%, as if the bentonite is too dry, it means that for the certain quantity of raw wet bentonite powder, we will produce less quantity dry bentonite powder, and then it means that the customers will lose some profit.

Of course, any way the final moisture content of the dry bentonite powder product should according to the end users' requirement. In the market, usually the bentonite powder product's moisture content is around 12%, and then it is qualified product.

The work process of the bentonite powder drying system is as follows:

Bentonite Powder Drying Machine, Drying Bentonite Powder Machine, Bentonite Powder Dryer

01. As when we dig out the wet bentonite from the mining, some of the wet bentonite is lump type which is not easy to be heated and dried sufficiently by the bentonite powder dryer machine.

      Here we can use one hammer crusher / hammer mill to crush the raw wet bentonite into smaller size such as less than 10mm in advance.

02. To use belt conveyor or Bucket Elevator to send wet bentonite powder into the bentonite drying machines continuously.

03. Diesel burner and hot air furnace supply the high temperature air for the bentonite drying process. Usually the temperature near the outlet of the hot air furnace can be around 300 centigrades.

04. Beontonite powder dryer heat and dry the wet bentonite powder sufficiently, and reduce the moisture content to be about 12%,

05. High pressure draft fan makes the high temperature air into the bentonite drying machine, and make the exhaust air with water vapor and some dust out of the dryer, then goes into cyclone dust separator.

06. Cyclone dust separator separates the dust from the exhaust air and water vapor. The dust falls down onto the outlet belt conveyor together with the dry bentonite powder, and to be taken to the product storage area for package. The exhaust air and water vapor leaves the cyclone dust separator and then pass through the high pressure draft fan, finally goes into atmosphere.

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