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Dust removal equipment for bentonite powder dryer machine

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The right, reasonble and economical Dust Removal Equipment is important and necessary for bentonite powder dryer machine. If select the wrong dust removal device, its operation and maintenace cost would be rather high, and will waste much time and money on the repairement.

Then what is the most suitable dust removal equipment for the bentonite powder drying machine ?

In order to select the suitable dust removal device, we have to be clear about the features of bentonite powder drying system firstly.

The key equipment of bentonite powder drying line is the rotary dryer machine. It is to use high temperature air to heat and dry the wet bentonite continuously and quickly. During the drying process, large quantity of water vapor is generated, and leave the dryer machine together with the dust and exhaust air.

In other words, it is wet exhaust air but not dry exhaust air.

In the market, there is pulse bag filter which is often to be used to collect the dust generated in the production process of bentonite powder making plant. Is it suitable to also use the pulse bag filter for the bentonite drying system ?

As the pulse bag filter is suitable for process the dry exhasut air, and it is to use the filte bag to collect the dust. If the dust is mixed with the wet exhaust air, when the wet exhaust air pass through the filter bag, it will make the filter bag wet, then the dust will stick onto the filter bag, and even block the holes of filter bag. Then we the air compressor work with the pulse device to shake off the dust from the filter bag, some of the wet dust will be not easy to be got rid of. It not only will influence the work performance of the pulse filte bag, but also it will shorten the lifetime of filter bag. In other words, it is not suitable for getting rid of the dust from the wet exhaust air. 

Then we have to select other type of dust removal equipment for the bentonite powder dryer machine.

The water dedusting tower system designed by Sunco Machinery can ideally solve this problem successfully, and also help the customers to save money on purcahse and maintenance.

The right,reasonble and economical Dust Removal Equipment is important and necessary for bentonite powder dryer machine

The working principle of Water Dedusting Tower System is as the below drawing:

Dust removal equipment for bentonite powder dryer machine

Exhaust air with water vapor and little dust leaves the draft fan, and goes into Water Dedusting Tower, and moves up to the top of the tower.

Water pump sends water into the top of water dedusting tower, and then the spraying water falls down to the bottom of the tower.

During this process, little dust is collected by the spraying water, and flows into the settling pool.

After settlement, thus dust subsides onto the bottom of the pool, and the water flows into clean water pool.

Then the water is sent into the tower again by the water pump. 

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