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Will the bentonite weight drop after being grinded by Raymond Mill ?

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One customer asked that Is the weight of bentonite going to drop further after the Raymond mill as it did after the bentonite dryer? 

Raymond Mill, Bentonite Mill

Here please note that the working principle of the bentonite dryer and the bentonite mill are very different. 

      --- For the bentonite dryer, it is to use high temperature air to heat and dry the wet bentonite to reduce the moisture content. During the drying process, certain quantity of the water inside the wet bentonite is got rid of, and finally we get the dried bentonite with moisture content about 12% as needed. 

Bentonite Dryer, Bentonite Drying Machine

      As you see, after being dried by the bentonite dryer, surely the weight of bentonite will drop. For example,when initial moisture content 28%, output moisture content 12%, the input capacity 9.8 ton/hour, then the output capacity of dried bentonite will be 8 ton/hour, and about 1.8 tons weight which is the water in the wet bentonite is got rid of per hour.

     --- For the Raymond mill, when it is working, the Roller is rotating in high speed, and the Roller together with the Ring to grind the Bentonite into fine powder. 

During the grinding process, very very little weight of the bentonite will be lost which mainly is the water in the bentonite, and it will influence the capacity/production rate of the raymond mill very very little which can be ignored. 

For example, even you just put the bentonite on the ground and do nothing, after some time, some of the water inside the bentonite may evaporate into the air by itself, but the lost weight of the bentonite is very little which can be ignored.

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