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production line of bentonite powder

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Production line of bentonite powder by Sunco Machinery can be used to crush and grind bentonite into fine powder such as 200 mesh and 325 mesh, etc as need.

bentonite powder for drilling mud use

Sunco Machinery can help you to design and supply the bentonite powder production line according to your actual requirments. You please help to supply the information as follows:

01. Is it wet raw bentonite ? 

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If the raw bentonite moisture content is less than 10%, then can directly to crush and grinding the raw bentonite into powder.

If the raw bentonite moisture content is more than 10%, then have to use the bentonite dryer to dry the wet bentonite, and reduce its moisture content to be less than 10% in advance. After that then use the bentonite grinding mill to process the bentonite into fine powder.

02. After being grinded, what is the final output size (mesh) of bentonite powder needed, such as 200 mesh, 325 mesh?

03. What is the capacity (ton per hour) needed ?

Production line of bentonite powder mainly includes the following machines:

01. Hammer Mill/crusher: To crush the raw bentonite into smaller size in advance.

02. Belt Conveyor or bucket elevator sends the raw bentonite into bentonite dryer machine.

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03. Belt conveyor sends the dry bentonite into dry bentonite storage area.

04. Bucket elevator sends the dry bentonite into bentonite mill for milling and producing bentonite powder.

Bentonite Mill, Raymond Mill, Bentonite Grinding Mill, Bentonite Powder Making Machine

05. Product silo is used to store the final bentonite powder product.

For more detail of bentonite powder production line, please contact us by email to:

Email Address: suncomachinery@hotmail.com ,

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