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The Significance and use of poultry manure as a fertilizer

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The use of Poultry manure fertilizer is becoming a common practice (especially Chicken manure as fertilizer) with many farmers throughout the world as this matter content has in store various nutritional elements for various fields or crops. These nutritional elements are very effective in increasing the productivity and rapid growth of farms e.g. farms that produce vegetables. What manure basically is, its significance and various other factors related to it can be thoroughly understood under the following headings.

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1. What is poultry manure and what are some of its components ?

Chicken manure is basically a waste material which is organic in nature and comprises of urine and feces of animals which are related to poultry e.g. chicken.Poultry manure is a mixture of certain types of bedding material such as sawdust or wood shavings.The manure is acquired by cleaning of the poultry houses on regular basis where thin bedding layers are removed along with such manure. So the manure which is basically the waste from chicken dropping and other mixtures ,when used as fertilizer is called Chicken fertilizer.  Now the components or constituents found in the manure are dependent on the types of birds, their feed ration and proportions of droppings to litter, the handling systems of the manure and the types of litter. However, the most common components are Potassium, Nitrogen and phosphorus.

Chicken Manure Fertilizer, Manure Organic Fertilizer, chicken manure dryer, drying machine for poultry manure

2. Why fresh manure not to be used, timing of usage and precautions involved ?
It is preferred to use manure after within 120 days of the harvesting of crops. Similarly it is preferable not to use fresh manure because it may contain certain bacteria which are harmful for human health and may cause diseases. It is therefore suggest that the manure should be used after it is composted because composting not only enhances the nutrients but also avoids the risks of your exposure to different diseases. The composting procedure may involve 3 to 4 weeks after which such manure can be used as fertilizer in gardens and for crops. Always wash your hands thoroughly after they come in contact with the manure or the compost and especially before eating so that no bacteria can enter your body.

Chicken Manure Fertilizer, Manure Organic Fertilizer, chicken manure dryer, drying machine for poultry manure

3. Advantages of poultry manure fertilizer in comparison with other fertilizers:

Poultry manure fertilizer or a Chicken fertilizer has some of its distinct benefits in contrast to the synthetic or the inorganic fertilizers available in the market. The first benefit of their use is that they are more economical for the cause as compared to inorganic fertilizers. They have the tendency to condition the soil better then the inorganic ones. This better conditioning of the soil will result in an extra yield. Research has shown that the yields of crops like Cotton was significantly higher when a Chicken manure organic fertilizer was used.  The use of Chicken manure for fertilizer not only brings ecomical benefits to farmers but is also less harmful to the environment in comparison to inorganic fertilizers.  Not only can it be used for the fields but it can also be used as garden fertilizer.  Poultry manure or a Poultry fertilizer or litter as fertilizer is basically a mix of droppings of chicken or birds like pigeon, ducks and turkey. They are generally hotter as compared to other organic fertilizers like those of cow and horse. They need to be composted first or else they have the tendency to burn plants. They are high in nutrients like Nitrogen and potassium. Horse manure is on the other hand not as rich in Nitrogen as chicken manure but is richer when compared with cow manure. So a Chicken litter fertilizer you can say is rich in some components in contrast to others but the usage of fertilizers can vary according to the crops.

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4. Deep litter in commercial farms and backyard poultry

Deep litter is a housing system of animals which is based on repeated or continuous spreading of sawdust or straw material. The initial layer is made as bedding for animals and the other layers are added when the litter gets soiled. They are also known as backyard litter or domestic litter when used in domestic poultry.Chicken manure pellets which are used as fertilizers are obtained from the manure of the chicken in the cages or coop.

Chicken Manure Fertilizer, Manure Organic Fertilizer, chicken manure dryer, drying machine for poultry manure

The above contents is from the link: http://thepoultryguide.com/use-of-poultry-manure-as-a-fertilizer/ . Many thanks for the Author's good job!

Sunco Machinery has been worked in the drying of poultry manure and farm animal such as chicken manure, cattle manure, pig manure, etc many years. From then on, we have seen many different drying methods with varying degrees of success. Our experience has proved that the most cost-effective and efficient method for drying poultry and farm animal manure is to use of rotary drum chicken manure dryer.

◆ Dried Chicken Manure is common among farmers. It's high in nitrogen whcih is great for vegging plants not flowering, but it can easily burn plants unless composted first. A small amount of dried chicken manure can be mixed in small concentrations directly into soil. DriedChicken manure is also a common ingredient in some mushroom compost recipes. 

◆ Without dewatering units, Chicken Manure Dryer from Sunco Machinery can dry moisture 70%-80% chicken manure into about moisture 13% one time directly which is safety moisture for storage and production of organic fertilizer. 

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