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How to process chicken manure for organic fertlizer production ?

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In the market, the popular and best quality organic fertilizer is made of Chicken Manure. As the short digestive of chicken, must of nutrition N&P&K is left inside the chicken litter which is the necessary elements for the crops.

But the fresh chicken manure can not be used for the crop directly, and it will burn the root of plants.

Then how to process the Chicken Manure in bulk ?

Soution 1: Fermentation + Drying + Granulation

  • Fermentation:

According to certain ratio, to mix the sawdust or rice hull,etc with the poultry manure and fermentation bacterial.

Periodically to mix the fermmentation bacterial, sawdust or rice hull, and chicken manure sufficiently.

After about 1 month, not only the moisture content of chicken manure will be reduced to be about 40%, but also must of strong smell is got rid of.

For the traditional Chicken Manure Fermentation Process, it will needs to occupy much land space.

Combined with years of actual chicken manure treatment experience, Sunco Machinerydeveloped one new type chicken manure fermentation technology. It not only needs less land occuption, but also need much less fermentation time.

  • Drying

To use special designed Poultry Manure Drying Machine by Sunco Machinery to heat and dry the fermented chicken manure, and reduce its moisture content to be about 18%-20%.

The drying of chicken manure is one key step, and to select the reasonable designed Poultry Manure Drying Machine is very important.

The well designed Poultry Manure Drying Machine not only can have higher drying capacity and better performance, but also it can save the operation cost such as fuel consumption, electricity consumption, labour needed, etc.

  • Granulation

To use pellet making machine to make the chicken manure into organic fertlizer pellets.

In fact the dry chicken manure can be directly used as high quality organic fertilizer for the economical crops, flowers, vegatables, etc.

But if you make the dry chicken manure into organic fertilizer pellets, it would seems beautful and can sell with high price in market.

Solution 2: Drying Fresh chicken manure directly.

Chicken manure dryer machine designed by Sunco Machinery can be used to heat and dry the fresh chicken manure directly, and reduce its moistrue content from about 70–80% to be about 15% in one time.

To do it in this way,

its advantages are as follows:

(1) No need to store the fresh chicken manure, and the fresh chicken manure collected in one day can be dried and processed directly in one time. Thus less processing time needed.

(2) Can help to keep good living environment for the chicken.

(3) Less land occuption.

(4) Less labour needed.

(5) Less one time investment.

Its main disadvantages is as follows:

As much more of the water needs to be evaporated and got rid of from the fresh chicken manure, thus the Chicken manure dryer machine needs more heat for the drying process, then the fuel consumption will be higher.

But if the customers has waste flue gas heat from nearby power plant or CHP, then the fuel consumption will be not a problem again.

Sunco Machinery can desgin and supply the reasonable and suitable Chicken manure dryer machine according to your actual situation.

For more detail and price of Chicken Manure Drying Machine, pls feel free to contact Sunco Machinery.

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