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Does plant with Organic Manure Fertilizer grow faster than with chemical fertlizer ?

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Manure fertilizer also people called organic fertilizer, the other type fertilizer is chemical fertilizer.

Organic manure fertlizer takes a longer time to decompose and make available the nutrients which the plant can absorb through the roots.

Chemical fertilizer like NPK, Urea, Potash, chemcial micronutrients makes the nutrients available so that the plant can abosorb them immediately.

Thus, compared with organic manure fertlizer, the the plant applied with chemical fertilizer will grow faster.

But too much chemical fertilizer can kill the plant, and for long term use, the quality of soil will get worse, and the soil will be more and more thirsty for chemical fertilizer so that the plant can grow normally and quickly.

Too much Organic Manure Fertlizer will not kill the plant, and for long term use, it can impove the soil quality.

Now in market the Organic Food are very popular in the city. The Organic food such as vegetable, fruit, eggs, meat are much more expensive, but their quality and nutrition also is better.

For the Organic Vegatable, fruit,etc , it is to use organic manure fertlizer. Thus compared with the vegatable and fruit which use chemical fertlizer, it needs long time to grow, and its quality and nutrition and taste is better.

Here we takes Chicken Manure Organic fertilizer as sample. As the short digestive of chicken, must of nutrition N&P&K and organic matters is left inside the chicken litter which is the necessary elements for the crops.

Nearly for all the religions, most of the people can eat eggs and chicken meat. In the whole world, all the country have the chicken farm, then surely will have the chicken manure. But if directly throw away the chicken manure, it will pollute the soil and water, and it is also one waste of resource.

what is more, if directly apply the fresh manure into soil for the plant, it can burn the rood of plant. What is more, there are harmful bacterials, worms, seeds, etc inside the wet chicken manure, it is also not good to the plant.

We have to find ways to process the chicken manure organic fertilizer in bulk econnomically.

Sunco Machinery can supply the reasonable solution for the process of chicken manure according to your actual situation.

If you have small chicken farm with less land size, we suggest you to use our special designed chicken manure drying system to heat and dry the wet chicken manure by high temperature air quickly in short time, and reduce the moisture content of chicken manure to be about 15% or as need. After drying, the high temperature air can kill the harmful bacterials, worms and seeds, etc, and the dry chicken manure can be used as high quality organic manure fertlizer for the plants directly.

Organic Manure Fertilizer drying machine, chicken manure dryer machine

If you have large chicken farm with sufficient land size, we suggest you to do it as follows:

Firstly ferment the chicken manure, and after fermentation not only the manure smell will be lighten much, but also the moisture content of chicken manure can be reduce to be about 40%-50%.

Secondly, to use our chicken manure drying machine to heat and dry the moisture content about 40%–50% chicken manure, and reduce the moisture content of chicken manure to be about 15% or as need. To do it in this way, the fuel consumption of the poultry manure drying line will be less.

If you want to make the dry manure organic fertilizer seems more beautiful, then you can make the dry chicken manure into manure organic fertilizer pellets, and then in the market you can sell it with some higher price.

Organic Manure Fertilizer drying machine, chicken manure dryer machine

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