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Add value to chicken manure by drying machine

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For most egg producers, chicken manure is a wet and smelly waste product that attracts flies, has limited value and causes problems with the neighbours. After drying the chicken manure,it can be used as organic fertilizer or animal feed.

chicken manure drying machine , poultry manure dryer

Being a poultry farmer has become increasingly challenging in recent years as local residents’ expectations of rural areas and the countryside grow; smells and flies are no longer tolerated. In order to be a good neighbour and minimise our environmental impact, when we invested in new colony units four years ago, we also put in manure dryers alongside the new sheds.

It’s an expensive business for adding the related chicken manure drying system, adding an estimated 20% to the build costs of the new units. But the benefits are significant. Larger businesses may have a full-time environmental officer to deal with complaints. We’re not big enough for that. But since installing the dryers we have not had a single smell complaint.

While flies are almost eliminated, the ammonia emissions from the poultry sheds are reduced by about 90%. There is no smell and it’s much better for the environment.

In my opinion, every poultry unit should have these poultry manure drying machines. They help raise the image of modern production and take away one more thing that people can hit us with. They save us a lot of hassle.”

Manure drying system in action:

chicken manure drying machine , poultry manure dryer

Hot air is generated by the burner and hot air furnace, and draft fans blow this warm air into the chicken manure dryer machine. This initial drying brings the manure moisture down from 75% to 65%.

The poultry manure drying system is really efficient used to spend a fortune on fly control, but now the problem is taken care of. The dried manure is then augered into a store, from where it is sold as a fertiliser to local arable farmers, fetching between £30-40/t. A typical analysis gives 4.8% nitrogen, 2.2% phosphorous and 3.1% potassium.

chicken manure drying machine , poultry manure dryer

It also has the potential to be used as a feedstock for anaerobic digestion – being easier to handle and smell free. For more detail of chicken manure dryer machine, please feel free to contact Sunco Machinery.

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