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Chicken Dung Dryer Machine

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Chicken Dung Dryer Machine is ideal for heat and dry the high humidity chicken manure with moisture content up to 70-80%, and reduce poultry manure moisture content to be about 15% as organic fertlizer.

Chicken Dung Dryer Machine, chicken manure dryer, poultry manure dryer

Chicken dung dryer machine is suitable to be used in large, medium and small-sized chicken house, and it is also can be used for the drying of other animal manure such as cattle manure, pig manure, etc.

Chicken Dung Dryer Machine is specially designed for high moisture material more than 70%. The same as poultry manure, cow manure or pig manure. 

Chicken Dung Dryer is different from other normal dryer, there is a inner mixing shaft to mix plup to better drying. And this type manure dryer is not very long, it is shorter than normal dryer. This can save your area, and the Drying efficiency is very high. The chicken dung will be heated in dryer 10-15 minutes more or less. You can adjust the rotation speed of the dryer machine to control the drying time. As normal, the drying working time is 24 hours continuously , Sunco Machinery smallest model with output capacity  0.5 t/h, the largest one is 20 t/h. And the outlet moisture is less than 15% or as need.

Chicken Dung Dryer Machine, chicken manure dryer, poultry manure dryer

Chicken dung dryer machine consists of shell, lifting blade, mixing shaft, frequency conversion motor, reducer, gear ring, roller ring and overall support. So it is the whole plant for drying chicken manure. It is suitable for high moisture material.

Regarding to the heat source, you can use coal, natural gas, oil, biomass pellet to be fuel for this poultry manure dryer. Sunco Machinery hot air furnace is used to adjust hot air temperature. Normal hot air output temperature is 450-550C.

Chicken Dung Dryer Machine, chicken manure dryer, poultry manure dryer

The suggested chicken dung drying system is as follows:

1. Wet chicken dung dewaterering. The raw chicken dung moisture is more than 70%. Before drying, to use special dewatering machine to get rid of some water from the wet chicken dung, and reduce its moisture content to be about 60-65%. To do it in this way, it can not only save the fuel consumption, but also improve the efficiency of drying.

2. Wet chicken dung feeding : belt conveyor or screw conveyor. We suggest use screw conveyor for this manure, it can mix manure before feeding.

3. Chicken dung dryer machine: To supply the drying chamber, and also help the hot air to heat and dry wet chicken dung sufficiently.

4. Dust collection: to use cyclone dust separator to collect the dust.

5. Deodorization tower: to be used to get rid of the odor from the exhaust air.

6. Draft fan to be used to make the high temperature air into the chicken dung dryer machine, and make the exhaust air and water vapor out of the dryer machine in time.

7. Furnace system: Hot air furnace and burner is to be used to burn the fuel, and generate high temperature air for the chicken dung drying system.

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