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Chicken manure dryer effectively realizes green environmental protection

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With many small, medium-sized, large scale chicken farms, the daily production of chicken manure is a headach problem for the farm owners. 

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If these chicken manure can not be treated properly in time, it will not only occupy space, but also produce unpleasant odor, fly, and it will pollute the underground water, and even will cause diesease on the birds. In one word, the unprocessed wet chicken manure will pollute the environment.

With the developing of society, people pay more and more attention on the environment protection and sustainable development. You can not just throw away the wet chicken manure into river or in the rural areas. 

As the short digestive system of the chickens, much of the nutrition of feed is not absorbed by the birds, and it is left inside the poultry manure. After being dried and processed, the dry chicken manure can be used as pig feed, and also can be used as high quality organic fertilizer. 

Nowdays people pay more and more attention on the healthy food such as organic food which is to use organic fertilizer such as chicken manure. The price of organic food such as organic vegatables, organic fruit, etc usually is more expensive than the normal food which is to use chemical fertlizer.

In other words, the chicken manure organic fertilizer has one quick developing market demand. 

By using the suitable and reasonable design chicken manure dryer machine, the chicken farm owners not only can solve the pollution problems of wet chicken manure, but also can earn money by selling the dry chicken manure as organic fertlizer to the farmers.

Chicken manure dryer , chicken manure drying machine, poultry manure dryer

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