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How to feed wet chicken manure into the chicken manure dryer machine ?

Time:2019年07月15日      Hits:

When drying chicken manure, special feeding device must be used to assist the feeding of chicken manure. 

chicken manure dryer , poultry manure dryer , manure drying machine

Therefore, when we configure the chicken manure dryer for you, we will configure matching feeding equipment to see the two ways of adding materials provided by our company:

1. Screw conveyor for high humidity fresh chicken manure: insert directly into the upper body of the enhanced fluidized dryer of chicken manure dryer machine , so that the export material falls directly into the dryer. The outlet of the screw conveyor should be equipped with baffles with small holes or cracks so that the delivered material can be dispersed into small strips. This material addition method is suitable for materials with low viscosity, low moisture content and easy drying.

chicken manure dryer , poultry manure dryer , manure drying machine

2. For fermented chicken manure with moisture content about 40%: To use belt conveyor to send the fermented chicken manure into chicken manure dryer directly.

chicken manure dryer , poultry manure dryer , manure drying machine
When choosing the chicken manure adding device, it can be selected according to the water content and stickiness of the material, so as to ensure the smooth feeding. Timely and uniform feeding to chicken manure drying machine to ensure that the entire production line to complete the specified production tasks.

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