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How to reduce the heat loss of chicken manure dryer machine ?

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By using reasonable ways to reduce the heat loss of chicken manure dryer machine can help to increase the benefit of poultry manure organic fertlizer production.

It is common that any poultry manure drying equipment will suffer certain losses in the process of working. In general, the heat loss of chicken manure drying equipment will not exceed 10%. If the heat preservation work is suitable, the heat loss can be guaranteed to be about 5%. This shows that the heat preservation work of chicken dung drying equipment has become the key point. 

Some users may mention that the heat preservation layer of drying equipment is generally wrapped. The thicker the heat preservation layer is, the better the effect is, but it is not. Temperature layer is one aspect, the key is to determine the best temperature of insulation layer. U

sually, we recommend that the users use the air supply fan and the induced draft fan in series. This adjustment can make the system operate at zero pressure, effectively avoid the chicken manure dryer because of the leakage of drying medium or the leakage of ambient air, resulting in the decrease of the thermal efficiency of the chicken manure dryer and the occurrence of heat loss.

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Chicken manure dryer is a kind of drying equipment to deal with a large number of materials. It is one of the most concerned problems for users to have the performance of high efficiency and high output. With the advocacy of the concept of energy saving and environmental protection in recent years, nowadays the poultry manure drying equipment pays more and more attention to the improvement of energy saving direction while ensuring efficiency and output, among which the greatest limit is the maximum. Reducing heat loss of the poultry manure dryer is one of the most important links.

Through summarizing, we can see that the determination of heat insulation layer temperature and the effective adjustment of manure drying equipment can reduce the incidence of heat loss of chicken manure dryer, thus effectively realize the improvement of energy saving of chicken manure dryer equipment, which requires users to accumulate more production experience.

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