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Why does chicken manure dryer machine can not realize one-time quick drying of poultry manure ?

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Chicken manure dryer machine can help us deal with poultry manure, increase profit points by selling the dry chicken manure as organic fertilizer and pig feed, and achieve green environmental protection. 

Chicken manure dryer is used more and more, many customers in the operation process reflected that chicken manure dryer can not dry chicken manure sufficiently at one time. 

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In view of these situations, the experts of Sunco Machinery summarized the possible causes and solutions:

1. Chicken manure dryer machine's size is too small: it can not feed too many chicken manure into the poultry manure dryer, and also it can not supply enough drying space for the heat exchanging efficiency between the chicken manure and hot air.

2. The inner structure design of chicken manure dryer is not reasonable according to the features of wet poultry manure: It can not help to disperse the wet chicken manure sufficiently, and thus the hot air can not heat and dry the wet chicken manure sufficiently.

3. The burner and hot air furnace can not supply enough hot air for the chicken manure drying system.

4. The air volume of draft fan can not matched well with the needed hot air volume and water evaporation quantity.

5. The calculation of wind pressure and flow rate of wind network is wrong. The air duct and cyclone dust separator too big or too small.

6. Wrong operation of the chicken manure dryer system.

7. Other possible issues.

chicken manure dryer, poultry manure dryer machine, manure drying machine
Solution: Negotiate with the chicken manure dryer manufacturer to obtain equipment instructions to learn the correct use of poultry manure dryer; replace or transform new chicken manure dryer equipment; check whether the chicken litter dryer equipment is installed correctly, whether it leaks air or increases air pressure.

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