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What are the external factors affecting the drying efficiency of chicken manure dryer?

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What are the external factors affecting the drying efficiency of chicken manure dryer?

01. Chicken manure dryer's operating environment temperature and humidity: due to regional differences, the air temperature in different regions are very different.  Therefore, drying the same material in summer takes longer than in winter. The greater the humidity, the more unfavorable to the performance of the chicken dung dryer, and then affects its capacity.

02. Initial moisture content of poultry manure: refers to the moisture content of the wet chicken manure before entering the poultry manure dryer. Usually, as long as the wet manure can work in the chicken litter dryer, the higher the initial moisture content, the more fully the dehydration capacity of the poultry manure dryer will be displayed. Conversely, the higher the initial moisture content is, the more the manure dryer can achieve the maximum dehydration capacity when the final moisture content is fixed, but the output of dry chicken manure decreases.

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03. Final output moisture content: The general chicken manure dryer is in the stage of slow drying after drying. The lower the final moisture content, the more difficult the drying, the longer the chicken litter drying time and the lower the thermal efficiency, so it also affects the capacity.

04. Hot air temperature: In addition to weather factors, special attention should be paid to the hot air temperature of chicken manure dryer. Hot air temperature, or drying medium temperature, is the most sensitive condition in drying. The higher the temperature of hot air, the more heat energy it contains, and the lower the relative humidity of hot air, the stronger the ability to absorb and carry moisture, which is very conducive to drying, and the drying thermal efficiency is also high.

In summary, in the actual use of chicken manure dryer equipment, we should try to avoid the adverse factors of the external environment, let the dryer give full play to its own performance, improve production, and bring more economic value to users.

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