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How to increase the work efficiency of chicken manure dryer ?

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The drying process of chicken manure is one whole drying system. The general rotary dryer also can be operated, because this kind of material does not need vacuum operation, but its work efficiency will be not high. Compared with other materials, because chicken manure are mostly used for animal feed or organic fertilizer, it is very necessary to select suitable drying equipment to dry the poultry manure

Special designed Chicken manure dryer by Sunco Machinery is a good choice for many small, middle and large scale chicken farms.

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By increasing the work efficiency of chicken manure dryer, the customers can have higher production capacity with less fuel cost.

Detailed Problems Needing Attention in Production of Chicken Dung Dryer:

1. Control the initial moisture content of wet chicken manure: Chicken manure moisture is generally about 65-70%, at this time, if immediately drying, the fuel cost is larger, the poultry manure dryer also constitutes a greater pressure. If stack wet chicken manure in a well-ventilated place for about 15 days, so that the moisture drops to about 50%, and then use the chicken manure dryer to heat and dry it, fianally reduce its moisture content to be about 15% used as organic fertilizer.

2. Selection of dust collector for chicken manure dryer: because chicken manure particles are fine and light in density, it is easy to be carried away by air flow after drying under negative pressure, resulting in changes in fluid medium, and the moisture content of dusty gas is also large. The dust collector should be selected according to the above technological conditions.

3. Dry chicken manure conveying equipment should be sealed.

4. Selection of hot stove for the chicken manure dryer system: Hot stove should be selected with high efficiency and easy operation.

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