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How does chicken manure dryer heat poultry manure evenly?

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Chicken manure dryer is a kind of drying operation using heat source device. It uses hot air flow to contact with chicken manure to produce heat displacement to achieve drying effect. It also is widely used in mineral and chemical industries because of its simple operation, strong anti-overload ability, large capacity, good drying effect and low energy consumption.
Because chicken manure mostly has the characteristics of high humidity and high viscosity, the equipment of chicken manure dryer needs a certain high temperature in the operation process, and must reasonably control the temperature stability, so as to ensure the uniform and effective drying of materials.

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1. Furnace guarantees sufficient heat source; the temperature of chicken manure dryer machine comes from the heat energy released by combustion-related fuels. Fuel combustion must be guaranteed adequately, as well as the thermal insulation performance of the furnace body to prevent heat loss. Fuel can be added by automatic devices, which can not only effectively avoid shutting the door back and forth. It leads to heat loss and can save manpower effectively.

2. The speed of the fan should be regulated and controlled evenly; during the chicken manure drying operation, the fan plays the role of blowing hot air flow to ensure the thermal replacement in contact with chicken manure, and the fan can control the size of the air flow. If the air flow is too large, it will take away a lot of heat and can not be effectively dried. At the same time, it wastes fuel in vain, and if it is too small, it will not dry the chicken manure thoroughly, the general use of frequency conversion motor, not only can be combined with the degree of drying to regulate air flow, but also can play an energy-saving effect.

3. Ensure that the chicken manure drying machine's cylinder is unblocked; the heat exchange between chicken manure and hot air mainly occurs in the cylinder. If the cylinder is blocked, it will cause the hot air flow not to flow well, not only can not be effectively dried, but also can cause local temperature to be too high, resulting in potential safety hazards.

4. The most important point: According to the moisture content of chicken manure, then design the reasonable inner structure of chicken manure dryer machine so that the poultry manure can be heated and dried evenly and sufficiently.

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