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Professional manufacturer of chicken manure dryer equipment in China

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With the rapid development of the world economy, many different scales of chicken farms have brought economic benefits to the people. With the growing maturity of the scale of small chicken farms, the manufacturer's treatment of chicken manure has also changed a lot. Before for a few chickens, chicken manure is abandoned. 

Now it is different, the chicken manure dryer by Sunco Machinery is a sharp tool to turn the waste poultry manure into a treasure. There are many manufacturer of chicken manure dryer machine in China, but most of them are not professional manufacturers on the drying machine for poultry manure specially. 

Sunco Machinery chicken manure dryer is specially designed according to the features of wet chicken manure. Many foreign and domestic customers and friends are very satisfied with our products. This is because we overturn the knowledge of common dryers. After years of accumulated experience, independent research and development of drying equipment on the chicken manure, and it can be more superior than other manufacturers, we uphold that customers are God, product quality first, customers and friends have money to earn, we can make profits. And our purpose is to make sure that customers and friends buy with ease.

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After many years of technical accumulation, we have come to the conclusion that the chicken manure dryer in drying poultry manure because of the high humidity and viscosity of chicken manure, so the wind pressure used in the chicken manure dryer is also on the low side, hot air is difficult to pass through the material layer to achieve a good drying effect, through the track of hot air flow to achieve. To achieve better results, many experiments and scientific demonstrations have proved that our design can improve the thermal efficiency of the chicken manure dryer, but also greatly improve the output of the chicken manure dryer.

Sunco Machinery has an experienced, skilled sales service team and perfect sales service network. After purchasing the poultry manure drying machine, the company will assign professional after-sales service personnel to the site to guide customers to install and test run the chicken manure dryer.

Sunco Machinery Co., Ltd. is working hard to improve team learning ability with full enthusiasm, brand-new spiritual outlook and diligent working attitude. With "quality, service and integrity" as its business purpose, all the employees of Sunco Machinery are working hard to make the enterprise stronger, better and more advanced in domestic and international mines.  Welcome customers at home and abroad to visit, guide and negotiate business with us for the chicken manure dryer machine .

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