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How to select the right chicken manure dryer machine ?

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With the rapid development of industrial industry, drying has become an important part of industrial processing industry. Now the development of small enterprises in rural areas is also very large, small chicken farms occupy a large number, so the drying of chicken manure is particularly important, so the corresponding demand for chicken manure dryer is also increasing. Because there are many kinds of chicken manure dryer and many drying characteristics, different drying equipment is needed. 

So how to choose a suitable chicken manure dryer equipment?

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When choosing equipment, we should pay special attention to the type of equipment, the requirement of materials, the practical energy-saving effect of drying materials and drying equipment, the economy and the trial degree of equipment are very important. From the details, there are the following points:

1. Physical properties of materials, such as drying characteristics of materials to be dried. The shape of materials is the primary factor to be considered, ranging from slag, ceramics and flake, fibrous, granular, fine powder to paste and liquid materials.

2. Physical and chemical properties of materials: water content, particle size, viscosity, flammability, deformability, comminution and so on should be taken into account. The adhesiveness of chicken manure has a great influence on the chances of feeding, discharging and drying of some forms of chicken manure, and can not work normally when it is serious.

3. The commodity value of materials and the effect of drying on equipment. From the drying quantity, cost-effectiveness, economic benefit perspective planning and environmental aspects, rational selection of suitable requirements of chicken manure dryer equipment.

4. Requirements for material recovery rate. The drying curve, critical water content and equilibrium water content under the proposed drying conditions are selected.

5. Previous drying methods of materials or similar drying methods are the precondition for reference. At the same time, the upper and lower processes of material drying engineering should also be paid attention to, involving the state and method of feeding and discharging materials of dryer.

6. Environmental protection. Restrictions on dust emission, noise, vibration and other conditions.

7. Operator level and maintenance capability of relevant users. Whether the after-sales service personnel of chicken manure dryer manufacturers can take corresponding measures in the first time when problems occur in the use process.

8. Local annual average temperature and humidity changes and unit installation site size, with or without special requirements.

9. Available Energy (Coal, Electricity, Natural Gas, Liquefied Gas, Gas, etc.) and Relevant Energy Policies and Subsidies Implemented by the State

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