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Analysis of evaporation rate of water in chicken manure dryer

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Chicken manure dryer can quickly dry fresh chicken manure into organic fertilizer through waste heat recovery device. In this poultry manure drying process, water control is very important. 

Engineers at Sunco Machinery have increased to the height of the firewall in the hot blast stove in the chicken manure dryer, which allows the energy to burn sufficiently to maintain the temperature of the chicken manure dryer.  In the combustion chamber, the furnace bars are loaded, and coal is continuously injected before the nozzle stops working to ensure coal combustion in the combustion chamber, so the temperature of the chicken manure dryer can still be guaranteed after the shutdown. When the chicken manure dryer is working, if the temperature does not reach the expected temperature, it will affect the drying quality and efficiency of the material. 

Therefore, the operator must pay attention to the cylinder temperature.

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The analysis of the principle of water evaporation speed can greatly improve the production efficiency of chicken manure dryer .

When the initial temperature of water and the amount of water are all the same, the higher the temperature, the faster the transpiration rate of water will be. When the temperature and other conditions are combined, the higher the wind speed on the surface of the water, the faster the water transpiration rate will be. When the surface area of water is not the same, the larger the surface area is, the faster the transpiration rate will be. The three physical conditions are applied to the corresponding three conditions of the dryer: the temperature in the dryer barrel, the size of the material and the air velocity in the dryer barrel.

The air flow rate in the barrel of chicken manure dryer needs to be calculated and controlled according to the utilization rate of hot gas. If the flow rate is too fast, the waste of heat source will be formed, which not only consumes fuel, but also does not reach the intention of adding output value.

High evaporation intensity can be obtained by controlling the humidity of the product and the temperature of the tube wall. When the humidity of chicken manure dryer machine is too low, the drying time should be prolonged, the rotational speed of the drum should be reduced, and the evaporation intensity should be greatly reduced.

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