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What caused the burned smell in the chicken manure dryer system ?

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One customer said that sometime there is burned smell when the chicken manure dryer machine is in the manure drying process. They do not know where does the burned smell come from ?

Sunco Machinery engineers supposed the possible reasone of the mentioned burned smell is generated as the related reasons:

01. The chicken feather in the chicken manure is broken by the high temperature air.

02. The chicken manure is dried too much by the high temperature air.

03. The burning diesel generate the burned smell.

In order to make sure where do the mentioned burned smell come from, Sunco Machinery suggest the customer to do it as follows:

01. Take some chicken feather, and burn the feather, then compare the smell with the mentioned burned smell.

02. Take some pure dry chicken manure, and burn the manure, then compare the smell with the mentioned burned smell.

03. Take a little diesel, and burn the diesel, then compare the smell with the mentioned burned smell.


*** If the mentioned burned smell comes from the chicken manure and chicken feather, then can mix more cold air with the high temperature air, and make the temperature of the hot air some lower; Or add more quantity of wet chicken manure into the chicken manure dryer continuously.

*** If the mentioned burned smell comes from the burning diesel, then it would the quality of diesel is not good, and change the good quality diesel, or use other kinds of fuel such as natural gas, coal, waste wood, etc.

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