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How much wet chicken manure can 10,000 chickens produce per day ?

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The amount of chicken manure excreted by chickens is closely related to the age of chickens. The average daily intake of a laying hen is 160-180 grams, and the amount of feces excreted per day is about 100 grams. Considering the loss in the process of breeding and collection, according to the survey data from farmers, the average chicken manure per 300 eggs (adult) can produce 1 cubic meter per month, that is, if 10,000 eggs (adult) can produce 400 tons of fresh manure per year. If it's a broiler, statistics show that a broiler's defecation volume is about 4000 grams after 60 days. The content of fresh chicken manure is about 75%. Usually we call it dried chicken manure when the moisture content is below 30%. So 400 tons of fresh chicken manure is converted into 160 tons of dried chicken manure.
To take egg chicken as sample, 10000 egg chicken can produce about 1000kg fresh chicken manure per day.
Chicken manure is a kind of high quality organic fertilizer, which contains about 1.63%, 1.54% and 0.85% of pure nitrogen, phosphorus (P2O5) and potassium (K2O). 
Chicken manure must be fully decomposed and dried before it is applied. The parasites and their eggs in chicken manure, as well as some infectious pathogens, are inactivated by the decomposition process. Because chicken manure produces high temperature in the process of decomposition, it is easy to cause nitrogen loss. Therefore, it is better to add water and 5% calcium superphosphate before ripening.
In addition, chicken intestine is short, feed digestion and utilization is insufficient, a large number of nutrients are discharged with feces. It can be used as feed.
In order to process and make the wet chicken manure dry quickly, and avoid the environment pollution problems, Chicken Manure Dryer specially designed by Sunco Machinery is to use high temperature air to heat and dry the wet chicken manure continuously and quickly, and can reduce the manure moisture content to be about 15% or as need.
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After being dried by high temperature air in the poultry manure dryer machine, not only the water is got rid of, but also the harmful bacterials are killed.  What is more, after the manure drying process, the strong odor of chicken manure is lightened significantly.

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