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Small Capacity Chicken Manure Dryer Machine

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For the chicken farm, not matter it is small scale chicken farm or large chicken farm, everyday all of them will generate fresh chicken manure continuously.

The fresh chicken manure is with moisture content about 70%, and if did not find right solution to process it, not only it will generate ammonia gas with sharp smell, but also will cause fly problems which will influence the living environment and healthy of the birds.  

Small capacity chicken manure dryer, chicken manure dryer machine, poultry manure drying machine

As the short digestive system of chicken, much quantity of the feed nutrition is not absorbed, and discharges in the chicken manure.  N, P , K content is rich in the chicken manure which can be used as good quality organic fertlizer for the crop.

But the fresh chicken manure can not be used for the plant directly, otherwise it will burn the rood of plants. 

Especially for the small scale chicken farm with about 100000 birds, they do not have so much money to purchase the related chicken manure drying machine, but they have to find economica ways to process the wet chicken manure. Otherwise the government environment protection sector will punish them seriously.

According to the actual demand of the small scale chicken farm, Sunco Machinery specially design the small capacity chicken manure dryer machine with input capacity about 1 tons per hour.

For one 100000 birds scale chicken farm, everyday it can generates about 10 tons fresh chicken manure. Thus input capacity 1.0 tons per hour chicken manure drying system can process and dry the around 10 tons wet chicken within about 10 hours, after being processed and dried, the moisture content can be reduced to be about 15%, and it not only can be used as high quality organic fertilizer, but also it is suitable for long term storage and transportation.

Small capacity chicken manure dryer, chicken manure dryer machine, poultry manure drying machine

Small capacity chicken manure dryer system mainly includes :  burner and hot air furnace, input screw conveyor, chicken manure dryer, cyclone separator, air duct, draft fan, output belt conveyor, electric control panel, etc.

For detail and price of small capacity chicken manure dryer machine,  please feel free to contact Sunco Machinery at email:  suncomachinery@hotmail.com .

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