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Importance of Choosing Discharging Device of Chicken Manure Dryer

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The discharging device is the last procedure in the process of chicken manure dryer. The dried material is discharged out of the barrel through the discharging device, and is stacked or transported to complete the whole drying process. 

Chicken manure dryer according to the different drying materials and structure, the discharging device will also be different, currently roughly divided into reciprocating discharging device and rotary scraper type two.

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1. Reciprocating discharging device. Reciprocating discharging device can be divided into suspender type, supporting rod type, roller type and other types. There are several baffles and openings on the discharging plate of the poultry manure dryer corresponding to the discharging opening. When the discharging plate moves back and forth, the gap between the baffle and the corresponding discharging opening will change, and the material in the cylinder will be discharged at the opening, so that the discharging opening will not continue to move back and forth. Broken discharge.

2. Rotary scraper discharging device. This kind of discharging device is mostly used in early chicken manure dryer machine. Its advantages lie in its simple structure. The scraper can rotate slowly to discharge the material to the bottom of the poultry manure drying equipment, and then to the outside of the cylinder through the spiral winch. The disadvantage is that the gap between the upper and lower edges of the scraper is difficult to maintain consistency in the circumference of the chicken manure dryer, so uneven discharge often occurs, resulting in the drying unevenness index of materials exceeding the prescribed standard.

3. After choosing the discharging device, we also need to accurately grasp the discharging speed. If the discharging speed is too slow, the longer the material stays in the chicken manure drying machine, the longer the time the hot air contacts, the warmer the material will be, and the moisture content will evaporate, which will affect the water content of the discharging equipment.

The acceleration of discharging is the same as that of discharging. With the continuous progress of discharging speed, the water content of materials will be affected. So we must pay attention to this problem in the process of chicken manure drying machine.

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