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Will the wet manure stick to the blades and inner wall of chicken manure dryer ?

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One Parkistane customers asked that : I have a concern. when the wet manure is fed into drier, it may stick on the blades and wall of the chicken manure drier. Can you pls tell me , how frequent we need to clean the drier druing running.

In actual operation of the chicken manure drying system, the working process mainly is as follows:

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a. Start the draft fan which is after the chicken manure dryer machine;

b. Start the dryer, and make the dryer body begin to rotate;

c. Feed waste wood into the furnace, and light the fire.

d. Near the inlet cover of the dryer, there is temperature sensor which is used to measure the temperature, and on the Electric control cabinet there is digital meter to show the temperature. When the temperature near the inlet cover of dryer is up to 200 centigrade, then begin to feed the wet manure into the dryer continuously.

The wet manure is sticky, and surely some wet manure will stick to the blades and wall of dryer when working.  

But as the dryer is working in high temperature, after the wet manure is heated by high temperature air and hot dryer body, the water is quickly to be evaporated into water vapor and then the manure become not so wet and finally become dry, then the manure will become not sticky. The dryer body is rotating under certain speed, and the blades also make the manure move up and down again and again, during this process, when the manure is becoming dry, most of the manure itself will fall down from the blades and dryer wall automatically. What is more, the moving up and down manure itself also will help to make the manure which stick to the blades and dryer inner wall fall down, finally go out of the dryer machine.

In normal operation of the chicken manure dryer, actually you do not need to clean the poultry manure dryer.

I attached one video of our chicken manure dryer in indonesia for your reference.  In the video, the customers have already stopped to feed new wet manure into the dryer, and they plan to stop the dryer after one day's working.  From the video, you can see clearly that after one day's working, there is not significant manure stick to the blades and dryer wall as what you are worried.

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