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Solution for carrier roller unstable rotation of Small Chicken Manure Dryer

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The production technology of the small chicken manure dryer has been greatly improved. The overall structure of the small chicken dung dryer is excellent and simple. Material can run smoothly only through simple barrel resistance. The operation is more convenient and suitable for small-scale manufacturers. Small-scale chicken manure dryer can obtain pure chicken manure organic fertilizer with water content less than 13% after high temperature, disinfection, sterilization and decomposition of fresh chicken manure with water content of about 70%.

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After the chicken manure is dried, the nitrogen content is 2.6%, phosphorus content is 3.5%, potassium content is 2.5%, crude protein content is 16-25%, organic matter is about 45%. It is the best organic fertilizer, and has a wide range of uses in many agricultural production. Small chicken manure dryer has a high degree of mechanization, large production capacity, can achieve continuous operation, high production efficiency, save a lot of time for customers, and create more economic benefits. In the operation process, there are few breakdowns, low maintenance costs, low wastage, unit time can create higher value for users. According to the customer's response, the problem of small chicken manure dryer unstable running of carrier roller is found from time to time, so how to solve it ?

Reasons for the unstable movement of the carrier roller of a small chicken manure dryer:

1. There are errors in two-wheel belt processing. When finishing, the coaxiality of inner and outer wheels is not well controlled, and the tolerances of outer diameter and thickness exceed the design requirements.

2. Incorrect installation of wheelbelt. When the small chicken manure dryer is installed with the wheel belt, the installation of the wheel belt and the cylinder body is not correct, that is, the coaxiality of the wheel belt and the cylinder body and the parallelism of the two wheel belts do not meet the error control requirements of the design.

3. Installation and adjustment of bearing seat of small chicken manure dryer are not in place. Because the bearing seat is not installed in place, it will cause the idler to be not level and the center height of the four idlers is not consistent.

4. The positioning of the supporting wheel of the small chicken manure dryer on the axle is inappropriate or inadequate. For example, the connection between the supporting wheel and the shaft is too loose, or the selection of matching tolerance is inappropriate or the machining error exceeds the limit; the connection mode between the supporting wheel and the shaft is inappropriate, and so on.

Solution to the idler movement of small chicken manure dryer:

1. Strictly control the precision processing deviation of the wheels of the small chicken manure dryer. Specifically, after finishing, the thickness control of inner and outer rims shall not be less than 95% or 110% of the designed dimension, and the coaxiality tolerance of inner and outer cylinders shall be controlled according to Grade 9 of Gb1184.

2. Attention should be paid to the installation quality of the tyre and strict control: the coaxiality deviation between the tyre and the cylinder is within 1 mm; the parallelism deviation between the two tyres is within 1.5 mm.

3. Adjust the bearing seat so that the center line of the supporting wheel of the small chicken manure dryer should be installed parallel to the center line of the cylinder body, and the tolerance of parallelism should be controlled at 0.1 M m/m. The center height of the bearing seat of the same group of supporting wheel should be equal, and the deviation should not exceed 0.lmm.

4. To change the positioning mode or matching tolerance of the supporting wheel on the axle, we can adopt the following methods: firstly, to add an axial positioning ring; secondly, to select the matching form of large transition and small interference between the supporting wheel and the axle.

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