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How to achieve better sealing of chicken manure dryer ?

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On the basis of rotary drum dryer, chicken manure dryer optimizes the drying of chicken manure, cattle manure, pig manure and other kinds of livestock manure. The dried manure is not only convenient for transportation and storage, but also has the advantages of deodorization and sterilization. When using chicken manure dryer, many users are most concerned about the drying efficiency of the dryers. The tightness of the equipment has a great relationship with the drying efficiency. So how to achieve better sealing when using chicken manure dryer?

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The chicken manure dryer is always in the negative pressure state under the normal working condition. In order to ensure the continuous and efficient operation of chicken manure dryer, it must be in the negative pressure state. The principle of chicken manure dryer is that the material enters from the feed end of the material dehydrator, and the drum of the chicken manure dryer is a slightly inclined rotating cylinder. With the rotation of the cylinder, the material moves to the bottom by gravity and lifting plates. In the process of moving the wet manure forward in the cylinder, hot air is directly or indirectly used to heat it, which makes the moisture in the wet material evaporate and dry, and then the dry material of the finished product is sent out at the discharge end. The drum body of the chicken manure dryer has good sealing performance, which can make the drum of the dryer have reasonable heat preservation, less heat dissipation, high inner wall temperature, slow down the temperature drop of the hot gas, and less temperature difference with the material, so as to speed up the heat transfer temperature and improve the heat transfer efficiency, which can play a role in saving fuel and improving the drying efficiency of the drum dryer.

Generally, the drum of chicken manure dryer is made of 10-16mm homogeneous steel plate, and the heat loss is about 8%. The external heat preservation of the drum is not complicated. After the implementation of the drum heat preservation, the heat dissipation of the drum is reduced, the temperature drop of the hot gas is slowed down, and the temperature difference between the drum and the material is expanded, thus the heat transfer speed is accelerated. Therefore, the heat preservation of the chicken manure dryer can not only reduce the heat loss, but also improve the output and drying effect of the dryer. In fact, there are many types of sealing, different forms and different application ranges. Labyrinth sealing is mainly suitable for the situation of relatively small gas pressure, and the labyrinth structure has good compatibility, which can be combined with other ways.

The above is how to achieve better sealing when waiting for the use of chicken manure dryer machine. I hope it can help you when using chicken manure dryer equipment. Sunco Machinery is a professional chicken manure dryer manufacturer integrating R & D, production and sales. If you need to buy chicken manure dryer, welcome to contact Sunco Machinery by:

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