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Answers to our poultry manure dryer customer's questions

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Here are Sunco Machinery engineers' Answers to our poultry manure dryer customer's questions, and wish it could also give you some help to understand our manure drying machine.

1- After installation of machines, do these dimensions (Length 20 m, Width 8 m, and Height 6 m) have enough to temporarily pack the dried manure?

    Jack: It is ok to temporarily pack the dried manure into bag, but you need to prepare one store room for the bagged dry manure additionally.

2- Please resend me the pictures of the bagging machine. My system does not support the software you used in sending it.

    Jack: I attached the video and photos of the bagging machine again for you. The video is in format .mp4 .

3- Does your machine come with the water pump that can be used in the water pool?

    Jack: As this is our first time cooperation, this time we can give you the water pump for free. Please see the attached photos of water pump.

4- What do you mean about recycling? Do you need to treat the water in the water pool with chemical before they can be used again?

     Jack: The recycling means that the water can be recycled and used again after settlement.      

      As you see, the recycling water pool is divided into two parts. One part is clean water pool, one part is settling pool. Firstly the the water pump sends the clean water into the deodorization tower from the clean water pool, then in the deodorization tower, the clean water contacts the strong foul air, and the ammonia in the strong foul air will dissolve in water (Please note that the strong foul smell is from the ammonia, and the ammonia is very easy to dissolve in water. So here we only need water to deal with the strong foul air, and no need to add chemical. ), what is more, there are also some dust mixed with the strong foul air, and the dust also will go into the water. As a result, the clean water will become dirty water in the deodorization tower.        

     Then the dirty water come out of the deodorization tower, and flow into the settling pool, after settlement,  the water in the settling pool goes into the clean water pool, and then the clean water is sent into deodorization tower again by the water pump.

     But that does not mean that we can use the water forever, usually about one week, we need to change the water with new clean water into the recycling water pool. 

5- From your own experience, among the fuel options needed to generate heat for the chicken manure dryer, which one is the most economical?

    Jack: In China, as the coal and waste wood is very cheap, usually most of our customer will prefer to use the water wood and coal. For the fuel, I suppose that you have to consider it according to the actual fuel cost in your local market. 

6- How do you apply waste wood of cool in the heating/burning chamber?

    Jack: One worker needs to put the waste wood into the heating/burning chamber when the drying machine is working.

7-Can you continuously apply waste wood while the machine is in operation?

    Jack: We have to let one worker to put some waste wood into the burning chamber ever and again, but no need to put the waste wood into the burning chamber continuously and uninterrupted.

8-Please can you send me the pictures of your water pools so that i can understand its operation well ?

   Jack: I attached one photos of the water pool in our customer's working field. This customer make the water pool by himself, and it is very easy to build it. 

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