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Information needed to design Manure Dryer

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When the customer first time purchase the manure dryer, in order to help the manure dryer manufacturers have enough information to suggest and design the suitable chicken manure dryer, the buyer needs to supply some necessary information as follows:

1- How many kilogram fresh manure can your chicken farm generate per day ?

2- How many hours will the manure dryer work per day ? 8 hours or 24 hours ?

3- After drying, what is the usage of the dried manure ? To be used as organic fertilizer ?

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4- Before drying, what is the initial moisture content (%) of the wet manure ?   Usually the fresh wet chicken manure moisture content is about 70%

5- After drying, what is the output moisture content (%) of the dried manure ?   Usually 13% is the safety storage humidity for the dried manure.

6- For the heat source, what kind of fuel will you prefer to use, such as coal, diesel, waste wood, natural gas, etc ?

7- What is the name of the destination seaport ? 

Once the customers help to clarify the above information in detail, Sunco Machinery engineer will calculate and design the most suitable chicken manure dryer machine for the customer.

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