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Key Points to design chicken manure drying machine

Time:2014年08月31日      Hits:

What are the key Points to design chicken manure drying machine ? Please see the article below.

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Here we take one Egypt customer's demand as sample:

Initial Moisture content: 30%;

Output moisture content : 5%.

Raw Material: 20% chicken manure and 80% saw dust.

According to the above information, the key points to design the chicken manure dryer machine are as follows:

1- Quick Drying Speed, and avoid "bone dry".

2- Quick output speed.

3- Special inner structure makes the wet chicken manure as dispersive as possible to increase the contact area between the hot air and wet manure as much as possible. As a result, we can get a higher heat exchanging efficiency between the hot air and wet manure.

4-Special inner structure makes each part of the chicken manure dryer drum's weight is even and balance, thus we will need less power to make the rotary dryer drum rotate.

5- When the chicken manure dryer is working, in each part of the chamber there are wet manure, thus this new type chicken manure dryer has more wet chicken manure inside the rotary drum.  As a result, we can have one high drying efficiency and output capacity.

6- When the poultry manure dryer is working, the wet manure pass through the dryer drum three times, and come to the high temperature zone two times. Sunco Machinery triple pass chicken manure drying machine has a much higher heat usage efficiency than the normal single pass rotary drum dryer.

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