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Reply to the chicken manure drying machine customer's questions

Time:2014年09月02日      Hits:

In this article we show some of our reply to the chicken manure drying machine customer's questions,and it also will be helpful for other manure dryer customers.

1- Please advice with ash removing technique for burner.      

    The people need to remove the ash by move the handle bar manually. 

2-Please advice if we need heat exchanger between burner and dryer。     
    No need.

3- I need data sheet for Bag filter, also I need confirmation from you that bag filter give same results as cyclone and deodorization tower, also advice me how we will maintain it, do we need to change filters each week or each month, expected cost for maintenance per year.
    -- The bag filter is like the photo as below. 
    -- The bag filter only can give the same results as cyclone, but can not give the results like deodorization tower.
    -- The bag filter consist of mainframe, filter bag, and supporting leg.  The bag filter has 12 holes on the mainframe, and thus it needs 12 pieces filter bag.
    -- You can maintain the bag filter according to the actual situation. Usually after a certain time, you can take off the filter bag, and clean it, then you can install the filter bag onto the bag filter again.
    -- The expect cost for maintenance of the bag filter is about $190 - $300 per year according to actual situation. You mainly need to change the new filter bag when the old filter bag is worn out.
4- Due to power limitation, I can decrease feeding to 2 tons/H manure drying machine , but I can’t use diesel generator, please advise me with total power needed for 2 tons/h.
    The total power of the input capacity 2 t/h chicken manure drying system is 20.2kw. Please kindly go through the attached quotation documents in the email.

5-  Please advice with burner feeding mechanism.
     As you see,the chicken manure is about 80% manure and 20% wood saw dust and straw which is mainly in powder type. There is pipe connected to the small blower, and the chicken manure goes through the pipe and then goes into the small blower, and then the small blower blow the chicken manure into the hot air furnace. The chicken manure is burning in the hot air furnace, and generate hot air for the drying system.

6- Please advice with expected cost for installation engineer, and expected number of working days to finish installation.
    -- Our engineer guide the customers’s workers to install the poultry manure dryer machine, and the customers please supply the necessary tool, materials, workers, etc.
    -- Installation needs one engineer, about 20 working days. The engineer salary is $60 per day. Thus $60 per day x 20 working days = $1200.
    -- The seller bear the travel fees in China, and the buyer help to bear the international round trip air ticket fees. 

7- I think that I will need two conveyor belts for input and output, as I will take manure from storage (36 ton capacity per day), and store dyed manure in clean storage with capacity 200 ton.
    -- For the “input” belt conveyor, please tell us what is the length of the conveyor belt needed ?
    -- For the “output” belt conveyor, please tell us what is the length of the conveyor belt needed ?

8- Please be kind to advice if bag filter need draft fan or not, if needed please advice with needed power.

    The bag filter and the chicken manure dryer mainframe totally only use one same draft fan, and the power of the draft fan is 11kw .

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