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Recycling Water Pool for chicken manure drying machine

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The function of the Recycling Water Pool for chicken manure drying machine are as follows:

Please note that for the deodorization tower there is one recycling water pool. This recycling water pool is divided into two parts: One part is clean water pool, one part is settling pool.  Between the clean water pool and the settling pool, there is one wall.  

Recycling Water Pool for chicken manure drying machine

The water pump sends the clean water into the deodorization tower, and then after processing the waste air, the dirty water falls down and goes into the settling pool. After settlement, the mud falls down to the bottom of the settling pool, and the clean water goes through the wall and goes into the clean water pool, then to be sent into the deodorization tower again.

As you see, the water can be recycled, and according to the actual situation, you need to add some new water into the recycling water pool as needed.

The capacity of the recycling water pool is at least 15 cubic meter water.


The deodorization tower does not need to add chemicals. Here the pungent smell come from the ammonia which is evaporated from the manure during the drying process. As the ammonia is very easy to dissolve in water, here we use the water to process the ammonia with pungent smell.  

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