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Equipment for the processing of poultry manure by Sunco Machinery

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Sunco Machinery can design and supply the equipment for the processing of poultry manure professionally and specially according to the customer's actual need.

Equipment for the processing of poultry manure can be used to dry the pure wet manure, and it also can be used to dry the wet poultry manure with sawdust.

If the customer can ferment the poultry manure to be moisture content less than 40%, then the Equipment for the processing of poultry manure will have a higher capacity with good work performance, and it is more economical to the customers.

For example, Our Thailand Customers use our SC1918 chicken manure drying system to dry the fermented chicken amnure with initial moisture content about 36%, and the needed output moisture content of of the dried poultry manure is 15%, the model SC1918 poultry manure drying machine input capacity is 15.6 tons per hour, and the output capacity is upto 12 tons per hour.

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If the condition is permited, Sunco Machinery suggest that the customer to ferment the manure in advance, and then use Sunco Machinery's Equipment for the processing of poultry manure. To do it in this way, the customer will have more capacity and profit.

After being dried by Sunco Machinery poultry manure drying equipment, some of the customer will put the dried manure into bag and sell it as organic fertilizer, and some customer will use the pellet mill to make the dried manure into pellet which is also to be used as organic fertilizer.

If you have the plan to process the poultry manure, please do not hesitate to contact us at  by email: suncomachinery@hotmail.com .

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