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Efficient method for drying chicken manure/poultry litter

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Worldwide poultry manure processing has become an urgent problem for poultry farms around the world, and thus the solutions need to be found to prevent the pollution of the soil, the air and the ground water, etc.

Efficient method for drying chicken manure/poultry litter: Ferment the chicken manure in advance, and then use the rotary chicken manure dryer to dry the poultry manure with hot drying air.

The Chicken Manure Fermenting and Drying System by Sunco Machinery allows you to maximize your profits with the help of the produced manure as good quality organic fertilizer.

Sunco Machinery engineers team optimized a technically perfect system for manure fermentation and drying.

Unlike common air-drying only, in the process by Sunco Machinery the fresh manure with a solid content of approximately 25% is changed into high-quality organic  fertilizer with a solid content of about 80-85% and a high organic component content.

By using the Sunco Machinery mechanical poultry manure fermentation machine, the fermentation period is only about 2-3 days, usually to compost and fermenting the poultry manure takes more than 2 weeks. 

After fermentation,  the moisture content of the chicken manure will be less than 40%.

Then use Sunco Machinery special design chicken manure dryer to dry the poultry litters to be moisture content less than 15%.

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The moisture content less than 15% dried chicken manure is high quality organic fertilizer, and it can be sold as a pure natural fertilizer, recommended use for fruit, vegetable and wine growing, floriculture and horticulture.

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