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Poultry litter drying systems

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Many poultry farmers are looking for solutions to reduce ammonia and fly problems caused by their layer farm operation. Others are looking for options to make money from the poultry litter by selling it as fertiliser. Both can take advantage of a new poultry litter drying system introduced by Sunco Machinery.

Poultry litter drying systems by Sunco Machinery not only can reduce ammonia and fly problems caused by poultry litter, but also can be used to produce the organic fertilizer which help the layer farm owner earn money. 

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Poultry litter drying systems by Sunco Machinery is as follows:

Firstly we add some sawdust, rice husk, and fermenting bacteria according to certain ratio, then we use about several days to ferment the poultry manure. 

The fermentation process has the function of raising the temperature, killing the worms and seeds inside, Deodorant,enriching the nutrient. 

After fermentation, the moisture content of the poultry manure can be less than 40%, and the fermented poultry manure can be directly used in the farm.

Considering the long term storage and pellet organic fertilizer producing, the moisture content of the dried poultry manure have to be less than 15%.

Thus we can use the special design rotary drum drying system to dry the fermented poultry manure, and make the final moisture content to be less than 15%.

The advantages of the poultry manure rotary drum drying system is : compact structure and less land occupation , short drying time about 15 minutes, continuous drying process, stable output capacity, etc.

Sunco Machinery not only can supply the poultry manure fermentation equipment, but also can design and supply the poultry manure drum drying system according to the customers' actual need. 

You may contact : suncomachinery@hotmail.com for more discussing of the poultry manure drying system.

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