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Corn Cob Shredder for the recycling of corn cob

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Corn is widely grown throught the world as one major fodd and feed crop, and every year the production capacity can be up to 800 million tons. Along with the harvest and consumption of corn, it will generate hugh amount of corn cob.

Surely it is one big waste to throw away the corn cob, and the corn cob can be processed and used in many different ways.

Corn Cob are rich in insoluble fibre and is ideal material to be added as fiber in fodder/feed for livestock. It also can be used to produce the biomass fuel. what is more, also can be used for animal bedding for cow, sheep, etc.

For the recycling of corn cob, we have to use the corn cob shredder to crush it into small pieces, and then use the small pieces corn cob to produce biomass pellet, etc.

Corn Cob Shredder also is called corncob crusher machine which is designed for crushing the dry corn cob into small pieces. As the corn cob is light, in the corn cob recycling, we need to crush the corn cob into smaller pieces or powder so that it is easy for store and transportation.

After being crushed by Corn Cob Shredder, the size of the corncob is reduced much, and some of it even in powder type. Corn Cob Shredder also can be used for crushing dry Corn stalk, dry Soybean stem, etc.

Corn Cob Shredder, corn cob crusher, corn cob powder making machine
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