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Can the drum wood chipper to crush wet wood ?

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Water content is an important factor affecting the working performance of drum wood chipper machine. Different principles of wood pulverizer have different requirements for the moisture content of material. The results show that high water content is not conducive to the crushing of wood. The water content is best when the water content is below 6%, and the water content has such a big shadow on the work of the wood crushing machine

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In general, when the wet wood is processed by hammerhead hitting the wood, as the wood contains fiber, the working time will affect the work performance of the hammer. In this way the efficiency of the wood pulverized machine will be lower, so the output capacity will be much smaller. For the dry wood, the intermediate fibers are relatively less, thus it will be much easier to be crushed by the knife and hammer, then to have better output capacity.

The Drum Wood Chipper Machines consists of mainframe, knife roll, feeding roller, convery belt, hydraulic system. The mainframe of wood crushing machine is made of high strength steel plate, and it is the support base of the whole machine.

Hydraulic system By Oil Pump to send lubrication oil to the lubrication oil cylinder;  By openning the cover for the replacement of blades in need ;

When maintenance, can lift up the feeding roller assembly, then adjust the distance of flying knife and bottom knife, and dismounting comb plate.

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