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Drum Wood Chipper Machine for crushing wood into wood chips

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Drum Wood Chipper Machine is idealy for crushing wood into wood chips. Drum Wood Chipper Machine also is called wood chip making machine, wood crushing machine, wood chipper, etc.

The moisture content of wood and the output wood chips size will influence the capacity of the wood crushing machine.

For the wood crushing machine , there is sieve on its bottom, the wood chip size can be adjusted by changing the sieve hole size. For small chip size, to select the small sieve hole size; For big chip size, to select big sieve hole size. 

When working, only the chip size which can pass through the sieve hole , then these chips can come out of the wood crushing machine.

The smallest size of wood crushing machine can be length about 10mm, width about 10mm, and thickness about 3mm  wood chips.

But in order to crush the wood into  length about 10mm, width about 10mm, and thickness about 3mm  wood chips, we have to add two more pieces of Knives and the related device into the wood crushing machine additionally, and the added production cost is USD1,400.
Drum Wood Chipper Machine, wood crushing machine, wood chip making machine
As the moisture content of your wet wood is about 45%, thus the wood chips out of the wood crushing machine also will be with moisture content about 45%, and it is too wet to be processed by the sawdust making machine directlyIf we directly use the sawdust making machine to process the moisture content about 45% wood chips, then as the sawdust moisture content will be also about 45% which is very wet, and then the wet sawdust will can not come out of the sawdust making machine smoothly.

As a result, we suggest that:

Firstly to use the wood crushing machine to crush the wet wood into wood chips; 
Secondly to use the rotary dryer to dry the wet wood chips; 
Finally to use the sawdust making machine to make the dry wood chips into dry sawdust directly.

If we do it as the above work process, we suppose that it is not necessary to crush the wood into very small wood chips like length about 10mm, width about 10mm, and thickness about 3mm, and to crush the wood to be about 30-50mm size wood chips is suitable, and then you also no need to spend more money on the wood chip making machine. What is more, later the maintenance cost also will be some less.1

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