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Dry Mortar Powder Mixing Machine

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Dry Mortar Powder Mixing Machine is used to blend the differenct material such as sand, cement, chemical additives sufficiently together.  Dry Mortar Powder Mixing Machine also is called dry powder mixer, dry mortar blending machine.

It is made of high quality steel plate. Its internal mixing system is a double fixed broken ribbon, fan-shaped mixing blade, and can be replaced. The working chamber is forced to stir, and there is no dead angle in the working chamber, thus achieving uniform dispersion of various fibers and additives in the mortar. The equipment is easy to operate and easy to master. One way feeding is used for lifting without foundation fixing and low noise. It is the best dry powder mortar mixing equipment selected by small and medium-sized thermal insulation building materials enterprises.

Dry Mortar Powder Mixing Machine, Dry Powder Mixer, Dry Mortar Mixing Machine

Reasonable in design, excellent in performance and economical in labor, and can be operated by 1-2 people. The utility model has the advantages of less investment, less occupied area, long service life, simple operation and high efficiency.

Widely used: This equipment can produce all kinds of adhesive mortar, plaster mortar, mortar king, inside and outside wall putty powder, plaster gypsum, and other materials.

The principle of dry mortar mixing machine : a variety of material from a hopper, first put into the cement with the fiber and other additives for 3 minutes, and then add other materials to stir 5 minutes to put material. (foot switch discharge)

Dry Mortar Powder Mixing Machine, Dry Powder Mixer, Dry Mortar Mixing Machine

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