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Application of Fly Ash Dryer Machine

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Introduction of Fly Ash:

Fly ash can be used as admixture of cement, mortar and concrete, and become a component of cement and concrete. Fly ash is used as raw material instead of clay to produce cement clinker raw material, making sintered brick, autoclaved aerated concrete, foam concrete, hollow brick, sintered or non sintered ceramsite. Fly Ash can also be used to separate floating beads, micro-beads, iron concentrate powder, carbon, aluminum and other useful materials, among which floating beads and micro-beads can be used as insulation materials, refractories, plastics and rubber fillers respectively.

Fly Ash Dryer Machine, fly ash drying machine, fly ash rotary dryer
Particle composition of fly ash. According to the morphology of fly ash particles, fly ash particles can be divided into: glass beads; spongy vitreous body (including smaller particles, denser, smaller porous vitreous body and larger particles, porous vitreous body); carbon particles. The content of micro-beads in fly ash discharged from power plants in China is not high, most of them are spongy vitreous body, and the distribution of particles is very uneven. By grinding, the morphology and structure of the original fly ash are destroyed, and the particle size of the fly ash is more uniform. The specific surface area of the fly ash is increased, so as to improve its surface activity and the difference of its performance.

Application of Fly Ash Dryer Machine:

Fly Ash Dryer Machine also is named fly ash rotary dryer, fly ash drying machine.  Fly ash dryer is mainly used for drying particulate materials in a certain humidity range, such as fly ash, yellow sand used in dry mortar industry and various specifications of moulding sand used in foundry industry. Small size clay is used in chemical industry for small particulate matter which can not afford chemical change and is not afraid of high temperature and soot pollution. According to the requirements of different industries for the final moisture of materials after drying, the moisture content of fly ash after drying can reach less than 1-0.5%., or as need.

In the coal-fired boiler system of power plant, the discharge of fly ash can be divided into dry discharge and wet discharge. At present, in developed areas of cement industry, dry fly ash as cement production mixtures, the market is good, has been in short supply trend, jumped into a resource; wet fly ash physical and chemical properties and dry fly ash are basically the same, but because of the large moisture content (up to 45%), can not meet the requirements of cement production. The favor of the market, can only be stacked in wet ash storehouse, more and more, seriously polluting the environment. With the continuous optimization of national industrial policies and the increasingly stringent environmental regulations, the proper treatment of wet fly ash has been put on the agenda. Only when wet fly ash is dried with reasonable energy consumption and simple technology, and its moisture content is less than 5% after being dried fly ash dryer machine, can waste be turned into treasure and the double harvest of social and economic benefits be realized.

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