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Working Principle of Fly Ash Dryer Machine

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Working Principle of Fly Ash Dryer Machine:

When the hot air temperature of hot air stove reaches 350 C, the fly ash dryer machine starts to work under the instruction of electric control panel. The wet fly ash conveying equipment feeds wet fly ash with water content less than 40% into the dispersing feeder. 

The dispersing feeder has dual functions of dispersing and conveying, so that the fly ash can be evenly conveyed to the belt conveyor, and then into the storage bin, and then through the screw feeder, the fly ash can be evenly conveyed to the fly ash drying drum.

Compared with the traditional rotary dryer, Sunco Machinery fly ash dryer machine saves one third of energy and greatly reduces the production cost. This technology is in the leading level in China. 

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Sunco Machinery Fly Ash Dryer working principle is as follows:

Fly ash enters the inner layer of the three-layer drum from the feeding device to realize downstream drying. Fly Ash is continuously copied and scattered under the inner sheet to realize heat exchange in a spiral way. Fly Ash moves to the other end of the inner layer and enters the middle layer for countercurrent drying. Fly Ash is continuously lifted up in the middle layer and is in a two-step and one-step way. In the middle layer, the material not only fully absorbs the heat from the inner drum, but also absorbs the heat from the middle drum. At the same time, the fly ash drying time is prolonged, and the Fly Ash achieves the best drying state here.

Fly Ash travels to the other end of the middle layer and falls into the outer layer. Fly Ash travels in a rectangular multi-loop way in the outer drum of fly ash dryer. Fly Ash that achieves the drying effect travels rapidly and discharges the drum dryer under the action of hot air. Wet fly ash that fails to achieve the drying effect cannot move quickly because of its self-weight. Fly ash is fully dried in the rectangular sheet. To achieve the fly ash drying effect, complete the drying process. The heat exchange between wet fly ash and hot air flow is mainly convection and heat conduction, and radiation also plays a role. The special designed fly ash dryer structure is conducive to the residence time of materials along the length of the equipment, which increases the heat exchange time, improves the efficiency of heat energy utilization, and reduces the area occupied by the fly ash dryer machine.

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