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how to dry pond ash ?

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Only after the wet pond ash / fly ash is dried, and its moisture content to be reduced to be less than 3% or as need, then the dry fly ash can be used to produce cement, etc.

Sunco Machinery have established itself as a professional manufactuers of fly ash dryer machine. According to the features of the raw materials, Sunco Machinery can design and supply the suitable dryer machine specially.

Working Principle of Pond Ash Dryer:

* Working by using High Temperature Air to heat and dry the wet fly ash;

* The special designed inner structure of fly ash dryer help the hot air to heat and dry the wet fly ash sufficiently;

* The drying time of the fly ash inside the dryer machine is within about 10-15 minutes which can be adjusted as need.

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Advantanges of Fly Ash Dryer:

* Low outlet temperature, long lifetime of dust cleaning system;

* Adopt new type lifting boards, and the output moisture content can be adjusted as customer's demand;

* High degree of automation, simple operation, stable working;

Equipment investment needed is only 1/6 of the imported equipments. Low investment, creat profit quickly; 

Adopt gear transimission,  small transimission power needed;

* Compared with single pass rotary drum dryer, it saves about 50% floor area, 60% electricity consumption;

Broad fuel choice: coal, diesel, natural gas, waste wood, etc.

Application of Pond Ash Dryer:

* Pond/wet fly ash in cement industry;

* Drying of Fly ash/pond ash generated from Thermal Power Plants.

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